Sapa part of Hydro

Sapa is one of Hydro's brands supplying doors, windows, facades, sunscreens, glass ceilings, floors, stairs and railings, platforms body and drop sides to the indystry.

Hydro is a global, fully integrated aluminum company. It is one of the largest manufacturers of primary aluminum and also operates in bauxite, aluminum and electricity - the main raw materials in the manufacture of primary aluminum.

With its 35,000 employees, Hydro has global reach, local presence and activities in approximately 40 countries across all continents. The company has more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

Hydro is also a major European supplier of rolled products to customers in the construction, packaging, lithography and automotive industries.

Hydro has significant research and development resources, work with process engineering for melting and recycling, materials technology and products and solutions for customers.

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