Installation accessories



Used for joining SFG 300/35 for duckboard around machines.
Item no. 21001-00


Used to secure flooring profiles to load-bearing structures. Permits quick and easy installation. (T-bolt must be ordered separately.)
Item no. 21002-00


For use with fastener. The bolt head is specially designed to fit the slot in flooring profiles. Nut and washer included. Dimensions: M8 x 40, stainless.
Item no. 21005-00


Attachment components
Used to secure SFT 110/26, SFT 185/32 and SFT 250/32 profiles, i.e. when attaching stairs to string. M8 bolt with nut and washer is also used for fixing profiles SFG 250/40 and SFT 250/60 to support angle SFM 21004-02
Item no. 21007-00 bolt M8 x 22, stainless
Item no. 21008-00 nut, M8, stainless
Item no. 40146-00 washer, stainless


Support clamp
Used with profiles SFG 250/40, 250/60, 300/35 and 300/80 to prevent sagging between flooring profiles over large spans.
Dimensions: Width 25 mm, made of aluminium profile.
Supplied complete with stainless M8 bolt, nut and washer.
Item no. 21009-00



Sealing strip
Used as a lengthwise seal between SFG 250/50 profiles.
If an even more airtight floor is needed, this seal can be installed between the end cover and the edge of the supporting structure.
Item no. 70091-00


Self-adhesive rubber strip
Used as interlay when flooring profiles are not bolted to the supporting structure. This is intended to eliminate the risk of electrolytic corrosion.
The rubber strip also dampens noise caused by vibration between the flooring profile and the supporting beam.
Width: 30 mm. Thickness: 2 mm.
Length: 12.5 m/roll.
Item no. 21013-00


Fastening bolt
Used to fix the end cover tightly against the end of the profile. Stainless design. Dimensions: RTS ST 4.2 x 13.
Item no. 21011-00



End cover
Used to seal the ends of profile SFG 250/50.
Item no. 21010-H
Item no. 21010-V