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Terms of delivery:
Download "General Terms of Sales and Delivery" as pdf.


The buyer has a right to return stocked materials purchased within the last three (3) months. A handling fee will be deducted from the purchase price. The buyer will receive a credit note for the returned goods.

If goods are faulty or items are missing on delivery, faulty goods will be replaced with intact ones and any missing items will be delivered to the buyer. The seller's liability for defects or shortage is limited to what is stated herein. Over and above this, the seller accepts no liability whatsoever for loss of production, loss of profit, costs of intervention relating to any other products than the purchased goods during installation or dismantling, or any other direct or indirect damage, loss or cost caused to the buyer, the buyer's customers or other third parties.

The seller's liability only covers faults which arise under circumstances foreseen in the agreement, and provided the goods are used, installed and processed correctly.

The seller's liability does not cover faults caused by circumstances that occur after the buyer took possession of the goods. For instance, it does not cover faults resulting from improper maintenance, incorrect storage or installation by the buyer, modifications made without the seller's written consent, repairs performed incorrectly by the buyer, or normal wear and deterioration.

As soon as possible after receiving the goods, the buyer shall check that they comply with the order and the order confirmation.

The buyer shall no later than one (1) week after receiving the goods, notify the seller of such faults or defects that have been or should have been detected during the delivery inspection. Any faults or defects that could not have been detected during the delivery inspection must be reported immediately they are detected or should have been detected, but before they are surface treated or processed by the buyer, within six (6) months after delivery.

Damage in transit:
Visible damage or shortfalls of the delivered goods which can be assumed to have occurred during transit must immediately be reported by the buyer to the forwarding agent by writing a remark on the consignment note.

The seller shall report the damage to the forwarding agent if the goods are delivered Ex Warehouse. The buyer is responsible for reporting the damage to the forwarding agent if the goods are delivered Ex Works.

Return delivery cost:
The goods and the consignment note must be addressed to Sapa Building System and marked as a return or complaint, including the return order number provided by the seller.

Returned materials shall be packed so that no further damage occurs. If the material is packed improperly and we cannot adequately asses the cause of the defect due to the goods having been damaged during return transit, we will only credit the buyer's account with the scrap price.

All return delivery costs paid by Sapa shall be paid as per Sapa's agreement with the forwarding agent.

Transportation Cradle Manuals:

The Sapa Transportation Cradle Manuals have been issued to minimize the risk of incorrect handling of Sapa transportation cradles. We ask our customers to follow the instructions in these manuals carefully. This will help us to jointly minimize the risk of accidents when handling the cradles.

Sapa Transportation Cradle Manual – Handling of Cradles
Sapa Transportation Cradle Manual – Return of Cradles