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Floor catalog

The new catalog from Sapa flooring systems contains valuable information for everyone involved in planning construction projects in industrial and public environments.

In it we present our complete system of profiles and accessories for aluminium floors, staircases, hatches and handrails.

The catalog includes tables and diagrams to ensure correct dimensioning. It also contains installation instructions with tips and examples, as well as documented references.


Special stairs


We have the solution

We specialize in unique products that are adapted specifically to our customers and their conditions.
We construct solutions according to need and area of ​​use, regardless of whether it is a standard or special solution. We have long and solid experience in manufacturing and building aluminum products. With a strong focus on security, we offer solutions that meet your wishes and requirements of the highest quality.

We have long and solid experience in manufacturing and building aluminum products. With a strong focus on safety, we offer solutions that meet most wishes and demands for quality and safety.

Your measurements are our standard!

Every customer and every project is unique, so we put a lot of focus on developing the project in consultation with our customers. With the latest CNC-controlled machine technology, we achieve the precision required for a product of the highest quality.

A safe working environment

Our assortment includes safe solutions with a long service life, low maintenance requirements and high adaptability. Profiles in aluminum mean great advantages when low weight, non-slip safety, high load requirements and corrosion resistance are required. Our products provide our customers with the highest possible conditions for a safe working environment. Our vision is to prevent accidents before they happen. We apply standard EN SS14122.

Customized comprehensive solutions

In addition to our standard range, our special range includes customized complete solutions for, for example, stairs, disabled ramps, platforms and transitions.

You have the need, we have the solution!