Sapa construction stairs


Sapa construction stairs

Sapa construction stairs is designed to be used by both professionals and private individuals. It is robust and the non-slip steps are well suited for both a permanent or a temporary solution.

• Available in 3 different heights.
• Adapted to be placed between wall studs.
• 100% Swedish made.
• Non-slip steps.
• Delivered assembled.
• Weighs under 25kg.
• Can be supplemented with railings and extension steps if necessary.


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Customized projects

With the same good features as our floor profiles, our stairs in aluminum profiles contribute to safe solutions with a long life, little need for maintenance and good overall economy.

Sapa walkbridge

Sapa walkbridge with folding railings is used as a temporary solution for laying over holes, ditches and shafts at workplaces, for example.