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6 months later – Sapa update on the COVID-19 situation

03 Sep 2020

I guess many of us had a quite different year and summer than planned this year. However, different is sometimes also good. When we are forced to change our habits, as now with Covid19 pandemic,  this often give us new insight and we sometimes find out that breaking a pattern is better.  This summer has, at least for me,  been characterised by slower speed, spending more time with family and friends as well as being tourist in my own country. Many of these changes will probably stick also after Covid19 has disappeared, simply because it’s a better solution for us as individuals, the environment and the society as such.

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Sapa Flooring products to Øresundsbron

28 Apr 2020

Sapa Flooring has been honored to supply floor profiles, handrails and stairs to all 3 painting platforms for the Øresund Bridge. The picture shows 1 of these 3 mounted on the bridge. Profiles for the last 2 platforms will be delivered during the month of May. The painting of the entire Øresund Bridge is expected to take 13 years. Impressive right?

We thank Kristianstad Industriservice AB for the order!

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Sapa update on the Corona virus situation

06 Mar 2020

We are currently experiencing an unreal situation, influencing our business and private life in a way we have not experienced before. The situation is continuously changing, and the long-term consequences of the corona virus is not possible to predict.

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